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Locked Latest Telugu Horror Short Film 2021, Directed By Satya Pradad Aripirala #Locked #TeluguShortFilms2021 #HorrorShortFilms #LatestShortFilms2021 #TeluguOneShortFilms
"During the lockdown a family decided to create a small film. With two of them as actors and two of them as crew the film was shot on mobile phone. As it was meant to be a learning experience for the children a script was written on Celtex, each room was defined as a location and a schedule was prepared. Suitcases with wheels became track and trolley, selfie stick became Gimbel, emergency lights were used for lighting, music stand is used as camera stand and remote control toys, play dough were used smartly to get desired effects. The family did not step out of the house for anything which is not available in the house.
First cut edit was done on open source software and music is all copyright free content from the web. Professional help was taken for sound and dubbing."
Short Film: Locked
Cast: Satyaprasad Aripirala, Aadived Aripirala
Camera: Nava Moukthika
Art, Make up & Costumes: Srilakshmi Raviprolu
Editing & Sound Design: Ravi Teja Gandra
Publicity: Mahy Bezawada
Voices: Bela Deepthi Charya, Krishna Chaitanya Rallapalli, Laxman
Written & Directed by: Satyaprasad Aripirala
Produced by: Srilakshmi Raviprolu

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